EarthIT is now Earthling Interactive.

We're not changing who we are or what we do. We’re just changing how we introduce ourselves.

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634 W Main St., Ste 100
Madison, WI  53703

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Our Story

Since 1999, Earthling Interactive (formerly EarthIT) has been turning creative ideas into pioneering websites and applications that are used and recognized around the globe. We consider ourselves partners to our clients, and know our growth is due to the many successful relationships we have built with our clients.

Specializing in web and mobile applications, content management and e-commerce solutions for business, our groundbreaking tools and solutions are applied in a number of industries including: asset management, e-learning, health care, biotech, agriculture, real estate, mapping technologies, transportation, e-commerce, and government.


Nothing gets our team more excited than digging in and figuring out how to use technology to solve your most pressing business problems. We live off those challenges. Our team has decades of experience in agile product development so we have a well-honed process to bring your idea from early stage concept through iterations to a final product.

By the way, we don’t stop helping our clients once your application is released either – we stand by you to maintain and enhance your application, and continue as your technology partner for as long as you need us.

Listen Plan Design Develop Deploy Support

We listen intently to understand your business and help refine product ideas before we begin planning.

We adapt to our clients' workflow so projects move along smoothly by defining requirements and timelines.

We work through use cases and wire frames with our clients, to refine the user experience.

We build applications in an iterative fashion that allows us to integrate feedback before launch.

Before we launch any project, we test everything to make sure every launch is as smooth as possible.

We stick around after the launch to enhance and support your application or website. Did your last dev team?

We are Earthlings.

Get to know us and you'll take us to your leader.