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Mar 13 2018

The promises of the cloud were difficult to realize at the beginning of the decade, but they have become more achievable over time as the ecosystem of technologies associated with the cloud have matured.

Tiny Boxes In The Cloud: Earthling Containers
Feb 01 2018

Earthlings were asked to name a resource that they wish all of their colleagues would read, watch or listen to. Another way to phrase the question might have been "what learning will help make us a stronger team?"

Highly Recommended Reading/Viewing/Listening
Jan 31 2018

Bekee's first reaction to hearing about WP-CLI, the command-line interface for WordPress was: "So what? It's not hard to update plugins as it is!" But after a brief tutorial, she realized that she may never have been happier to be so wrong.

WP-CLI—A Panacea for WordPress Developers?
Jan 04 2018

Happy New Year from Earthling Interactive! We asked Earthlings to share their tech forecasts, speculations, and predictions for the coming year.

Earthlings Predict Tech in 2018
Dec 20 2017

Companies that find the greatest satisfaction with their online store have been careful to consider how their ecommerce platform will integrate with the business as a whole. 

Five Common Mistakes That Can Undermine Ecommerce Site Success
Dec 13 2017

With the holidays coming up, company leadership thought it would be fun to gift staff with a token amount of bitcoin. A stroke of luck meant that our initial buy of $50 per person increased 70% in a matter of days.

HODL! HODL! HODL! Merry Cryptomas!
Nov 16 2017

Bullet journals may have a special appeal for developer/designer types. The opportunity to apply ordered logic in an analog environment, a framework for disciplined creativity, and the simple utility of the planning interface have made these journals hugely popular for lots of people, especially tech-creatives. 

Shopping for Bullets (no, not that kind)
Oct 04 2017

Don entered the Strange Loop: "This was my first year at Strange Loop, and I knew going in that the talks were going to cover a staggering array of topics. The hardest part by far was deciding which to attend."

I Am A Strange Loop
Sep 18 2017

MageTitans is an event for developers, focused on providing information to help developers keep up-to-date on the Magento platform and ecosystem. Eric gives you the rundown on his experience at this year's event.

Highlights from the MageTitans Austin 2017 Conference
Sep 11 2017

Earthling's application architect Steve Brudz talks about automated testing and shares his insights about how to get it as close to right as you can.

Ask An Earthling: Automated Testing & Test Driven Development
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