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Apr 03 2017

Developers can be sure that rollbacks on internet privacy regulations won’t have clients clamoring to request that their user data is *easier* to track - more likely the opposite, particularly as Google continues to prioritize secure sites in search results.

Can I Get A Little Privacy?
Feb 10 2017

Earthlings love games; board games, video games, mind games (hey-oh!). Here's a quick survey of some of the games we're playing now. As you can see, when we're off the clock we're very busy saving the planet from disease, preparing for the apocalypse, contemplating metaphysical constructs and running away from the bad guys.

Earthlings Recommend: Games We Play
Feb 08 2017

The CIA World FActbook is a data behemoth well suited for Natural Language Processing experimentation. In this post we play with a K-means clustering algorithm to organize countries into their geographic region.

NLP and the CIA World Factbook
Jan 23 2017

The forthcoming Julia programming language has scientists, number crunchers, and all kinds of data junkies excited over its promise to bring expressive and flexible syntax without compromising performance.

Hey Julia
Dec 09 2016

Nodevember.js is a conference focused on Node.js and JavaScript held in Nashville, Tennessee, on the weekend before Thanksgiving. In 2016, there were more than 40 talks covering the broad and ever-changing space that is the JavaScript world. Jared and Steve share their personal highlights in this post.

Nodevember 2016 Highlights
Dec 06 2016

Readmissions are a thorny and expensive problem for hospitals, which is why there is a growing emphasis on identifying patients most likely to be readmitted before they are discharged. Does deep learning have a role to play in helping to i.d. patients most at risk for readmissions? Let’s look at the numbers…

Deep Learning: Hospital Readmissions
Nov 21 2016

Earthling's Data Engineering VP, Pitt Fagan attended the 2016 DataEngConf in New York and returns with a positive review on a conference built to bridge the Data Science-Engineering gap.

DataEngConf Reflection
Oct 14 2016

We had a cohort of Earthlings attending the most recent Madison PHP earlier this month.  After we returned to the office, got back to work on some amazing sites and projects, we asked folks to reflect on what we heard and learned at this regional hotbed for PHP learning.

Reflections on Madison PHP 2016
Sep 12 2016

The first MageTitansUSA event concluded last week after two days of packed technical sessions on a very wide variety of topics of interest to Magento developers. Our very own Eric Landmann and Dan Greig attended the conference, and Eric shared these thoughts...

Mage Titans USA 2016: Magento Conference Reflections
Jun 06 2016

At first he was in denial, then begrudging acceptance... until finally Jared discovered his personal IoT passion when he launched the Earthling Snack Attack button! Read about Jared's transformation and our new office gizmo in our latest blog post.

The IoT Snack Attack Button
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