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Dec 06 2016

Readmissions are a thorny and expensive problem for hospitals, which is why there is a growing emphasis on identifying patients most likely to be readmitted before they are discharged. Does deep learning have a role to play in helping to i.d. patients most at risk for readmissions? Let’s look at the numbers…

Deep Learning: Hospital Readmissions
Nov 21 2016

Earthling's Data Engineering VP, Pitt Fagan attended the 2016 DataEngConf in New York and returns with a positive review on a conference built to bridge the Data Science-Engineering gap.

DataEngConf Reflection
Oct 14 2016

We had a cohort of Earthlings attending the most recent Madison PHP earlier this month.  After we returned to the office, got back to work on some amazing sites and projects, we asked folks to reflect on what we heard and learned at this regional hotbed for PHP learning.

Reflections on Madison PHP 2016
Sep 12 2016

The first MageTitansUSA event concluded last week after two days of packed technical sessions on a very wide variety of topics of interest to Magento developers. Our very own Eric Landmann and Dan Greig attended the conference, and Eric shared these thoughts...

Mage Titans USA 2016: Magento Conference Reflections
Jun 06 2016

At first he was in denial, then begrudging acceptance... until finally Jared discovered his personal IoT passion when he launched the Earthling Snack Attack button! Read about Jared's transformation and our new office gizmo in our latest blog post.

The IoT Snack Attack Button
May 31 2016

J. Bradford Hipps’ recent NYT column on the value of literature for programming encouraged us to examine Earthling reading habits. What we discovered was a great list of books ranging from classics, to web serials to insightful nonfiction. Take a look and add some of these titles to your summer reading list.

Earthlings Recommend: Good Reads
May 23 2016

Our last TechConnect covered local MeetUp opportunities, those themed group events that are open to anyone interested in learning about the host topic. Here, Amanda recommends popular networking opportunities, local conferences and hackathons for tech folks in the Madison area.

TechConnect Series: Networking Events
Apr 28 2016

Building on our tech podcast post Amanda started this series on ways to connect with the tech community, both locally and beyond. In today’s post she introduces you to several Madison-area Meetup groups and shares a few staff favorites with you.

TechConnect Series: Madison Meetups
Apr 19 2016

We've seen some interesting MSM coverage on AI lately, from stories on the Tay debacle to AlphaGo's victory and more. Here, our resident AI enthusiast, Brint Paris, dives into the possibilities of artificial intelligence and how it may impact our future selves. At the end of the post we ask Brint to respond to some recent articles that offer a more skeptical vision for the future of AI.

Food For Thought: Artificial Intelligence
Apr 07 2016

As data becomes more prevalent across many industries, there is a greater need for tools that facilitate the democratization and collaboration of data analysis projects. One such application is Apache Zeppelin a web-based, open-source data analytics notebook.

Zeppelin: Data Analysis For the People
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