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Jan 21 2016

In 2015, with two hours of brainstorming, three hours of tinkering with a Wordpress site, two emails and five facebook page posts, Tom and his son created a personal fundraising page for Community Shares of Wisconsin’s Big Share and managed to raise nearly $2500 in less than 24 hours. 

Three Content Marketing Lessons I Learned from the Big Share
Jan 13 2016

Anyone visiting the Earthling office would be forgiven if they believe we have a uniform, because we Earthlings *really* *really* love our hoodies. In this post, bekee explains the crucial difference between actual uniforms and just loving the hell out of a cozy piece of clothing that everyone else in your office also happens to own.

Dec 09 2015

This fall, Earthling partnered with local product development firm bb7 to produce an internet connected beehive we call WiHive.  I know what you’re thinking, “what do the bees have in their Netflix queue?”

WiHive - Getting Bees Connected
Nov 04 2015

NYT writer Paula Span introduced us to the term “silvertech” in her recent article To Reach Seniors, Tech Start-Ups Must First Relate to Them. This challenge is not limited to the silvertech market...

Silvertech: Building Appropriate Applications for Users and Caretakers
Oct 20 2015

We were honored to be the featured business in this recent UW News story. From our earliest days as a start-up founded by a UW-Madison remote-sensing Ph.D. to our current status as a leading development shop, Earthling's strength as a company is directly influenced by the presence of University of Wisconsin.  

Thanks For The Love Bucky!
Oct 15 2015

An offhand discussion about the proper pronunciation of the programming language Erlang led Don down a path none of us would have expected (clearly, we’re still getting to know him or we’d know damned well this is exactly what he’d do)…

You Say Ur-lang, I say Air-long... Let's Call The Danish Embassy
Jul 21 2015

In this Tech Talk Chris Shepherd jumps into the LESS vs SCSS debate and gives us plenty to chew on. 

Tech Talk: LESS vs SCSS
Jun 29 2015

Custom software for internal use is gaining favor in the corporate world, as evidenced by recent surveys and comments from CIOs at top companies like Facebook. Here are four reasons custom software might benefit your business.

Four Reasons Why Custom Software Might Benefit Your Business
Jun 19 2015

Small business owners are often targets for SEO service provider pitches that use intimidating language and technical jargon to explain search engine optimization. SEO is in fact an important marketing tool, but it isn’t an exclusively technical one.

Success With Honest SEO
May 20 2015

To keep up with conventions in coding, stay up to date on releases, and discover new applications for old systems, podcasts can be both helpful and entertaining. Here are eight programming podcasts streaming into Earthling earbuds.

Earthlings Recommend: Programming Podcasts
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