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Apr 15 2015

Conference attendance in many business sectors is generally considered a perk - beneficial for networking, helpful for staying on top of trends, but not necessarily essential. However, for developers conferences are hugely valuable; the evolution in our field is so rapid and happens in such a dispersed fashion that connecting with others in the field and learning from experts is critical for maintaining professional excellence.

Midwest PHP 2015 Conference
Mar 23 2015

There are two basic approaches to building an online store: Software as a Service or Build It Yourself. Here, we compare the two approaches and offer our perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

SaaS vs. Self Hosted: Building an ecommerce Site
Mar 02 2015

Meet some of the Earthlings and learn their languages in this short video. Stick around for the debate at the end...

Earthlings, What Language Do You Speak?
Feb 24 2015

Earthlings and their SIGs noshed and mingled at the annual office party. Many thanks to neighborhood bistro 8 Season's Grille for a delicious meal and tasty cocktails.

Annual Office Shindig
Feb 09 2015

The British drama series “Black Mirror” is a quasi-scifi exploration of the morally ambiguous ways our relationship to (slash dependence on) technology can be exploited. In this Earthling chat we use the show to open a conversation about the responsibility (if any) developers, as engineers of tomorrow’s technology, have to mitigate the deleterious impacts of their "creations." 

Earthling Chat: Black Mirror
Feb 02 2015

There are many ways to “successfully” write code if your only goal is to communicate with a computer. But computers aren’t your only audience, you are also communicating with other programmers that will need to understand the code you’ve written. In this post Dan talks about brackets and the most straightforward way to use them.

Preferences: Brackets
Jan 22 2015

With heavy hearts we bid a fond farewell to our dear departed Albert. Earthling’s favorite office companion was universally loved and daily life at 634 W Main Street will not be the same without his warm presence and sage advice.

Dear(est) Albert
Jan 09 2015

Haskell is a challenging language, but it can also be very rewarding. Even if you don’t write production applications in it, Matt says that learning Haskell will change the way you program for the better...

Haskell: Worth the Hassel
Jan 02 2015

Erin chats with nine-year-old Sydney and her mom about using Google's Made With Code program to help program a tree lighting pattern for the holiday trees on the White House Lawn.  

She Made With Code!
Dec 24 2014

An anxious officemate asks Albert for advice on containing a coworker during the annual office holiday party.

Ask Albert: Holiday Edition
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