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Nov 24 2014

We're a lucky lot at Earthling, we have a baker extrordinaire that brings us tasty treats when we all behave. Sometimes Simon will even share his recipes, not that anyone believes they can recreate his truly delicious confections. Although these brownies are so amazing, a few of us might be willing to try...

Simon Says: Perfect Cherry Brownies
Nov 13 2014

The precise definition of a prototype is often confusing to clients and even to other developers and designers. There are a lot of terms in this space and it's not as obvious as it is in industrial design for example, where a “prototype” is clearly a 3d representation of the product, versus a 2d picture...

Prototyping Your Application's Story
Oct 31 2014

Our resident ASCII artist created this spooky scene. View at your own risk!

Halloween ASCII Art
Oct 23 2014

Earthling Interactive client Neil Gulsvig talks about his experience working with us to help build products essential for his business, Align.

Video Client Interview: Neil Gulsvig
Oct 17 2014

When you hear the word “Cloud” in our industry, it is most often stuck before “Computing” or “-Based.” But that isn’t the case in Jared's little corner of the Earthling Interactive office...

Book and Movie Word Clouds
Oct 07 2014

Here, Dan suggests that by writing programs in terms of what to get done rather than how to do it, your programs will be less buggy, easier to maintain, probably more efficient, and if not more efficient, easier to optimize. SchemaSchema is a language he wrote for declaring a data model and a Java library that interprets it. 

SchemaSchema: A method for declaring and managing your project’s data model
Sep 13 2014

Jamie Role is an Earthling Developer and an avid gamer. There's been a lot of chatter lately about the place for girls in the gaming world and thought it would be fun to talk to Jamie to get her perspective on gaming and being a woman in the tech field.

Girl's Got Game
Sep 02 2014

A recent study by NeardWallet placed Earthling’s hometown Madison at the top of its “Best Cities for Quality of Life” list. That’s no big surprise for those of us that have chosen to make this lively, friendly, scenic city our home. But it never gets old to see Madison ranked among the best places in the U.S.

Home Sweet #1 Home
Aug 29 2014

Ask any tech company what one of the biggest challenges they face is and they're likely to mention difficulty recruiting talent. It's a big problem for startups and established companies alike, and it's not just a problem for Silicon Valley -- there are plenty of places in the Midwest that face the same challenges. 

Bringing More Than Dinner To The Table
Aug 15 2014

Writing bug-free and stable code, meeting timelines and budgets, and managing features effectively are outcomes all development shops already have on their list. What are some of the attributes of a development project that are less obvious, but can make a real difference in project success? This post focuses on tips for software managers and developers...

Successful Application Development: The Developer Role
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