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Jan 02 2015

Erin chats with nine-year-old Sydney and her mom about using Google's Made With Code program to help program a tree lighting pattern for the holiday trees on the White House Lawn.  

She Made With Code!
Dec 24 2014

An anxious officemate asks Albert for advice on containing a coworker during the annual office holiday party.

Ask Albert: Holiday Edition
Dec 15 2014

Ecommerce sites are especially dependent on good search engine optimization. Unlike sites offering a unique data profile, websites with an online store need to be highly competitive to reach their market. Here, we suggest ten ways to ensure that your Ecommerce site ranks well in search engine algroithms.

10 SEO Tips for Magento Sites
Dec 01 2014

We sent a team of two developers to Nashville for the first annual Nodevember. Here, Josh fills us in on why he dubbed the conference for JavaScript and Node developers "a great success." Hint: it wasn't the prevalence of boot shops but it might have been the honky tonk.

Nodevember: Notes From the JavaScript + Node.js Conference
Nov 28 2014

Every spring a set of thank you notes from local nonprofits working for causes I care about arrives in my mailbox, I'm briefly confused but then I get a warm feeling when I remember “Oh yeah! I selected them through my workplace giving deduction with Community Shares.”

Community Shares Workplace Giving
Nov 24 2014

We're a lucky lot at Earthling, we have a baker extrordinaire that brings us tasty treats when we all behave. Sometimes Simon will even share his recipes, not that anyone believes they can recreate his truly delicious confections. Although these brownies are so amazing, a few of us might be willing to try...

Simon Says: Perfect Cherry Brownies
Nov 13 2014

The precise definition of a prototype is often confusing to clients and even to other developers and designers. There are a lot of terms in this space and it's not as obvious as it is in industrial design for example, where a “prototype” is clearly a 3d representation of the product, versus a 2d picture...

Prototyping Your Application's Story
Oct 31 2014

Our resident ASCII artist created this spooky scene. View at your own risk!

Halloween ASCII Art
Oct 23 2014

Earthling Interactive client Neil Gulsvig talks about his experience working with us to help build products essential for his business, Align.

Video Client Interview: Neil Gulsvig
Oct 17 2014

When you hear the word “Cloud” in our industry, it is most often stuck before “Computing” or “-Based.” But that isn’t the case in Jared's little corner of the Earthling Interactive office...

Book and Movie Word Clouds
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