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Feb 10 2017

Earthlings love games; board games, video games, mind games (hey-oh!). Here's a quick survey of some of the games we're playing now. As you can see, when we're off the clock we're very busy saving the planet from disease, preparing for the apocalypse, contemplating metaphysical constructs and running away from the bad guys.

Earthlings Recommend: Games We Play
Feb 08 2017

The CIA World FActbook is a data behemoth well suited for Natural Language Processing experimentation. In this post we play with a K-means clustering algorithm to organize countries into their geographic region.

NLP and the CIA World Factbook
Jun 06 2016

At first he was in denial, then begrudging acceptance... until finally Jared discovered his personal IoT passion when he launched the Earthling Snack Attack button! Read about Jared's transformation and our new office gizmo in our latest blog post.

The IoT Snack Attack Button
May 31 2016

J. Bradford Hipps’ recent NYT column on the value of literature for programming encouraged us to examine Earthling reading habits. What we discovered was a great list of books ranging from classics, to web serials to insightful nonfiction. Take a look and add some of these titles to your summer reading list.

Earthlings Recommend: Good Reads
Jan 13 2016

Anyone visiting the Earthling office would be forgiven if they believe we have a uniform, because we Earthlings *really* *really* love our hoodies. In this post, bekee explains the crucial difference between actual uniforms and just loving the hell out of a cozy piece of clothing that everyone else in your office also happens to own.

Oct 15 2015

An offhand discussion about the proper pronunciation of the programming language Erlang led Don down a path none of us would have expected (clearly, we’re still getting to know him or we’d know damned well this is exactly what he’d do)…

You Say Ur-lang, I say Air-long... Let's Call The Danish Embassy
May 13 2015

Is competitive video game playing a sport?
How many smart devices do you have in your house?
What is your favorite trilogy?

If you worked at Earthling, we'd know...

Daily Poll Question
Mar 02 2015

Meet some of the Earthlings and learn their languages in this short video. Stick around for the debate at the end...

Earthlings, What Language Do You Speak?
Feb 24 2015

Earthlings and their SIGs noshed and mingled at the annual office party. Many thanks to neighborhood bistro 8 Season's Grille for a delicious meal and tasty cocktails.

Annual Office Shindig
Feb 09 2015

The British drama series “Black Mirror” is a quasi-scifi exploration of the morally ambiguous ways our relationship to (slash dependence on) technology can be exploited. In this Earthling chat we use the show to open a conversation about the responsibility (if any) developers, as engineers of tomorrow’s technology, have to mitigate the deleterious impacts of their "creations." 

Earthling Chat: Black Mirror
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