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Jan 23 2017

The forthcoming Julia programming language has scientists, number crunchers, and all kinds of data junkies excited over its promise to bring expressive and flexible syntax without compromising performance.

Hey Julia
Apr 28 2016

Building on our tech podcast post Amanda started this series on ways to connect with the tech community, both locally and beyond. In today’s post she introduces you to several Madison-area Meetup groups and shares a few staff favorites with you.

TechConnect Series: Madison Meetups
Oct 15 2015

An offhand discussion about the proper pronunciation of the programming language Erlang led Don down a path none of us would have expected (clearly, we’re still getting to know him or we’d know damned well this is exactly what he’d do)…

You Say Ur-lang, I say Air-long... Let's Call The Danish Embassy
Mar 02 2015

Meet some of the Earthlings and learn their languages in this short video. Stick around for the debate at the end...

Earthlings, What Language Do You Speak?
Jan 09 2015

Haskell is a challenging language, but it can also be very rewarding. Even if you don’t write production applications in it, Matt says that learning Haskell will change the way you program for the better...

Haskell: Worth the Hassel
Dec 01 2014

We sent a team of two developers to Nashville for the first annual Nodevember. Here, Josh fills us in on why he dubbed the conference for JavaScript and Node developers "a great success." Hint: it wasn't the prevalence of boot shops but it might have been the honky tonk.

Nodevember: Notes From the JavaScript + Node.js Conference
Oct 07 2014

Here, Dan suggests that by writing programs in terms of what to get done rather than how to do it, your programs will be less buggy, easier to maintain, probably more efficient, and if not more efficient, easier to optimize. SchemaSchema is a language he wrote for declaring a data model and a Java library that interprets it. 

SchemaSchema: A method for declaring and managing your project’s data model

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