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634 W Main St., Ste 201
Madison, WI  53703

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Are You an Earthling?

We take great pride in our work and the custom applications our employees have built over the years. Our talented team of programmers, analysts, and designers need to have a passion for creating brilliant solutions for our clients. Wowing us with your technical expertise will get you a call back, being able to work well with a team will get you hired.

We are hiring a developer who enjoys working with a team of innovative developers to help businesses and individuals build new and exciting web and mobile applications. We want you to bring a strong knowledge of web technologies and experience in client-side and/or server-side development.

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Earthling is looking for an experienced Ecommerce/CMS developer to join our Business Services team.  At Earthling we not only develop world class web and mobile software products, but we also support business and organizations of all kinds in marketing and ecommerce on the web.  In doing so we work with a great group of partner agencies, brands, and organizations.

We want you to bring a strong knowledge of web technologies and experience with Ecommerce and Content Management Systems. We expect you to be a team player, strive to produce pixel perfect websites, and provide good customer service.

We generally support open source ecommerce, CMS, and CRM platforms, with a preference for the PHP/Mysql based ones, but we've occasionally branched out into other technologies when required (DotNetNuke, Liferay).  We've built a lot of sites in Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Expression Engine. We've even written our own on occasion.  Our staff generally perform setup and configuration of the platform, transform design mockups into CMS templates (HTML, CSS/LESS, JS), write custom interactive elements (usually Jquery), and customize the back end (PHP, SQL) to meet customer requirements.  You must grok responsive design and SEO.

It sounds like a lot, but we’ve been around for 14 years and start new projects all the time, meaning we have the opportunity to explore and use new technologies whenever they make sense. If you bring something new, I bet we can find a way to use it!

We go beyond serving our clients to create a place where web and mobile application developers, analysts, managers, and creatives can thrive.  Our goal is to ensure everyone can grow and learn and be innovative at work, and have fun doing so.  

Of course we do offer competitive salaries, a 401K program with a company match, a top-notch health care plan, and free life and disability insurance.

We work hard, but through our company-wide profit share program we all have the opportunity to share in the rewards.

If you are interested, give us a call or drop us an email and we'll talk about possibilities.

Considering a move from out of town? Madison is an awesome place to live, and we'll help you move here if the fit is right.


Earthling Interactive is based in Madison, Wisconsin, a city with a penchant for winning awards for being an awesome place to live, work and raise a family.

Food & Drink

Rumor has it we have the most restaurants per capita, of any city in the US but here are three undeniable facts about Madison’s food scene: Best farmers market in US. Best fried cheese curds in world. Better beer than in Portland or Seattle. Yes we just said that.

Music, Art & Hanging Out

We have two world-class art museums, a performing art center that hosts Broadway touring groups and the occasional Wilco concert, and dozens of bars and saloons that feature live music on a nightly basis. Oh, and it’s all within 2 miles of our office.

Bikes & Outdoors

There are four lakes within biking distance and more bike paths per square mile than almost any other city around. That might be the reason Madison has been rated one of the most bike friendly cities in the US and a haven for people who like to get outdoors.

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634 W Main St., Ste 201
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