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634 W Main St., Ste 201
Madison, WI  53703

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Our Process


We listen intently to understand your business and help refine product ideas before we begin planning.


We adapt to our clients' workflow so projects move along smoothly by defining requirements and timelines.


We work through use cases and prototype with our clients to refine the user experience.


We build applications in an iterative fashion, which allows us to integrate feedback before launch.


Before we launch any project, we test everything to make sure each launch is as smooth as possible.


We stick around after the launch to enhance and support your application or website. Did your last dev team?

Why work with Earthling?

Established Track Record

Earthling Interactive has been around for for over a decade. We value experience around here. Flashy trends come and go, technologies emerge and fade, but our clients appreciate the stability of knowing we can support the products we help build.

Scalable Teams

With our team of full-time staff in Madison, WI, we know how to adapt to big projects, quickly take care of small fixes, and select the right team of specialists to tackle your challenge. In other words, we can scale.


Experienced Developers

An average Earthling developer has over 15,000 hours of experience engineering complex products for our clients. Take that Malcolm Gladwell! We love using all this expertise to find the best solution to your needs.

Partners for Success

We approach every project as a partnership. Everybody talks about collaboration, but this is our specialty. One client prints our names on their business cards and calls us their IT team. That's how much we live our idea of partnership.


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Earthling Interactive
634 W Main St., Ste 201
Madison, WI 53703