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Case Study: Avalon

We helped create an integrated data warehouse and multiple, targeted dashboards and push reporting services to provide real-time business intelligence for organization management and help track reimbursement for Medicare patients in Avalon facilities.


An integrated system that facilitates data entry, analysis and reporting for health care workers and executive administrators.

Avalon Health Care was committed to quality information management and reporting but needed help to integrate systems across facilities and between service providers and administrators. Staff felt that some of the time they spent on data entry and management could be better spent caring for residents and overseeing operations. They needed a system that would:

  • Integrate multiple data systems including clinical, workforce and financial systems.
  • Provide significant business intelligence to enable better and more efficient care throughout all facilities.
  • Offer a straightforward and easy to use method for collecting data throughout all sectors of Avalon Health Care.


A dashboard and reporting system that provides healthcare workers and executives real-time data analysis.

Earthling Interactive’s team of programmers and developers drew on their experience with highly integrated information management systems to build a data system that would facilitate exceptional health care for residents and support a strong financial management system.

The Avalon Facilities Management Dashboard includes:

  • Clear, easy-to-use administrative interface.
  • Real-time data analysis, both through the application and through reports sent via email.
  • Specialized application to help care providers quickly review patient Medicare reimbursement status and ensure proper assessment protocols are followed.

In addition Earthling Interactive provided Avalon with services and assistance to help expand the utility of the dashboard product, including:

  • Prototype clinical system for use in a foreign market.
  • A full suite of technical assistance to Avalon including strategic development guidance, hosting and infrastructure support, database maintenance, optimization and query support.


Better Quality Care, Reduced Costs

Avalon’s new facilities management dashboard made it easier for caretakers and administrators to spend more time focusing on the needs of residents and managing the facilities, and less time coordinating paperwork and record keeping.

Avalon was able to use the knowledge hidden across multiple data systems to provide better and more efficient care, through providing management intelligence both at nursing homes and to senior leadership in a corporate office.



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Our Role

  • Strategic Development Guidance
  • Web Application Development
  • Database Support
  • Database Maintenance
  • Project Management

Product Features

  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Report Builder
  • PDF Generator
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application

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