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Case Study: TeraMedica

We helped TeraMedica implement a touch-friendly, responsive, interactive design when they needed to upgrade their CMS.


Fix and ultimately upgrade a website for a leading medical image company.

TeraMedica initially came to us to support their existing Joomla installation. After we solved several cross-browser compatibility issues that their previous developers had difficulty fixing, TeraMedica asked us to help them implement a new site design since the old design looked dated, did not match the rest of their branding, and was not mobile-friendly.


A touch-friendly, responsive, interactive design.

We worked with Madison agency Art & Sons to implement a responsive design that contains several unique elements such as a touch-friendly menu system that supports html and form elements. It's like a mega-menu in a carousel.


Increased web traffic and improved client outreach.

The use of responsive design has made the entire site much more mobile-friendly and they also have a unique news feed with social integration. We continue to support them with consulting on SEO, site performance enhancements, and content integration.




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Our Role

  • Joomla Installation and Configuration
  • Joomla Upgrade and Data Migration
  • Joomla Template Implementation
  • Custom Interactive Development
  • Custom Joomla Plug-In Development
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Hosting

Product Features

  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Touch-friendly Interactivity
  • Content Feed Integration
  • Social Media Integration

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634 W Main St., Ste 201
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