Custom development for
web applications, LMS, SaaS, and more.

Boldly go from idea to digital reality

Custom Applications Development to Go Beyond Your CMS

Your CMS can’t do it all. Earthling can turn the cool capability you’re imagining into a custom application that solves real business challenges. For example, imagine you could: 

  • Track and analyze your ever-expanding user data more effectively.
  • Modernize locally run systems to share information with more users.
  • Design new systems to improve productivity.

Custom LMS Development for a Better User Experience

Is your off-the-shelf LMS stagnating? Are you using an open source LMS, but need to extend the functionality? Meet the needs of your online learners with a LMS solutions that deliver a highly tailored learning experience. Earthling can design an LMS that’s able to evolve more easily as your business grows and your learners’ needs change.

SaaS Development for a New Revenue Stream and Better Customer Support

We know your business doesn’t stop when your website or software project is launched so our support doesn’t stop either.

Custom Integrations to Get More from Your SaaS

If you’re using a SaaS product but it doesn’t fit with your workflow as well as you’d like, Earthling can help. We’ll review your current processes, analyze your SaaS, and provide custom integration solutions to help you get more from your SaaS.


Great Communicators

Good communication from your developer isn’t just a nice touch—it’s downright necessary for your peace of mind and your project’s success. From responsive staff and regular check-in meetings to rigorous project documentation, Earthling makes sure you’re always in the know.

Experienced Developers And UI Experts

An average Earthling developer has over 15,000 hours of experience engineering complex products for our clients. Take that Malcolm Gladwell! We love using all this expertise to find the best solution to your needs.

Established Track Record

Earthling Interactive has been around for for over two decades. We value experience around here. Flashy trends come and go, technologies emerge and fade, but our clients appreciate the stability of knowing we can support the products we help build.

Scalable Teams

With our team of full-time staff in Madison, WI, we know how to adapt to big projects, quickly take care of small fixes, and select the right team of specialists to tackle your challenge. In other words, we can scale.

Partners For Success

We approach every project as a partnership. Everybody talks about collaboration, but this is our specialty. One client prints our names on their business cards and calls us their IT team. That’s how much we live our idea of partnership.

It’s All Yours

When it’s time for changes to your web application, the last thing you want is the runaround. That won’t happen with Earthling because everything we build is owned by you. You’ll always have easy access to the code, the server, the databases, the accompanying documentation—all that it takes for your application to function.

Look Before You Leap into a Custom Solution

Custom web applications projects can be super complex. That’s why Earthling encourages an initial strategy and evaluation project. We may be able to find an off-the-shelf solution out there for you. If not, we can help lay the groundwork for a well-planned custom solution. Either way, it’s a critical first step toward project success.