We build custom WordPress solutions for your business.

Like a billboard, but better


Your business needs an impressive, secure, and fast online presence. We work with you to represent your company, solve business problems, and create a WordPress site which is easy for your customer to use and for you and your team to manage.

WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform; it can be customized and structured to fit your needs, the needs of your staff, and the needs of your customers.

WordPress is Open Source, which means teams of many people contribute to its success and future. This is an assurance that the code running your site will be supported for years to come.

Homegrown Solutions

We’ve worked with a lot of great Wisconsin-based teams, but we also work across timezones (and in some cases, oceans!). We are your WordPress solutions partner, no matter where you are.

With over 10,000 hours of collective experience, we know which plugins have a good reputation and which look dicey. If we can’t find something that does exactly what you need, we’ll write the plugin ourselves.


We specialize in consultative solutions, partnering with businesses who have a problem to solve. Let’s work together to make your content easier to update, or replace a tedious manual process to free up someone’s time. Are there any tasks or processes in your company that could be automated? We’d love to help!


Experienced Developers And UI Experts

An average Earthling developer has over 15,000 hours of experience engineering complex products for our clients. Take that Malcolm Gladwell! We love using all this expertise to find the best solution to your needs.


Established Track Record

Earthling Interactive has been around for for over two decades. We value experience around here. Flashy trends come and go, technologies emerge and fade, but our clients appreciate the stability of knowing we can support the products we help build.

Scalable Teams

With our team of full-time staff in Madison, WI, we know how to adapt to big projects, quickly take care of small fixes, and select the right team of specialists to tackle your challenge. In other words, we can scale.

Partners For Success

We approach every project as a partnership. Everybody talks about collaboration, but this is our specialty. One client prints our names on their business cards and calls us their IT team. That's how much we live our idea of partnership.

We can tell you the facts, but these folks can tell you what it's like to work with Earthling.

Icing on the cake… it looks beautiful!

"Our website took an amazing leap forward thanks to Earthling Interactive. The answer to every development question we had was, 'Yes, we can do that.' Communication was always fast and clear and the project was executed on schedule, even during COVID-19."

Jet Waller

Co-founder, Love Wisconsin

Excellent Teamwork

"Our website looks fantastic, but what made this project great was the tight collaboration with Earthling to bring our vision to life."

Chris Hogg

COO, Propeller Health

Knowledgeable and Responsive

"I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Earthling Interactive for making our website dreams come true. They are the best development team in town and this couldn’t have been done as brilliantly without them."

Kristine Lohman

Terso Solutions