Case Study: Bank of Sun Prairie

With a new emphasis on technology, mobile banking, community engagement, and services for young families, the Bank of Sun Prairie wanted to use their online presence to improve outreach to community members.


Broadcast a contemporary identity while maintaining the legacy image of an established community institution.

The City of Sun Prairie is a rapidly growing community located about 30 minutes from downtown Madison. One of the most well-established banks in the area, Bank of Sun Prairie was looking for ways to engage with new residents and update their presence in the community.

Bank of Sun Prairie staff wanted to create an online presence that would:

  • Build on their excellent reputation while demonstrating their capacity to meet the needs of new residents.
  • Expand their digital capacity in order to reach new audiences and provide enhanced services
  • Empower bank staff to implement effective digital strategy


Build a digital solution that includes a new website, blog and content marketing strategy to support updated bank services and reflect community engagement.

Working closely with the staff and president of the Bank of Sun Prairie, Earthling Interactive developed a responsive website and guided the implementation of a content marketing strategy that would:

  • Optimize mobile experience to reach younger customers and those expecting digital convenience for banking, transactions and money management.
  • Streamline third party offerings to keep site nimble while continuing to offer extended services such as an education center, financial calculators and downloadable documents.
  • Expand knowledge of effectiveness of website by establishing an including goals and reporting in analytics.


The Bank of Sun Prairie now has a clear understanding of who is coming to their site, how they are viewing content and which users are the most valuable to their business. Earthling built a second website for the Bank of Sun Prairie investors and continues to help the bank staff with accessibility audits and SEO improvements to meet the needs of all their users and the high standards of financial auditors.