Case Study: Lead to Exceed

Earthling Interactive helped YME Coaching & Consulting build a subscription based succession planning application to complement their personalized coaching service.


Turn a powerful board succession training tool into a marketable web-based application.

Owner and CEO of YME Coaching & Consulting, Yvonne Evers, was looking for a partner to help her meet the growing demand for her board succession training tool. Before coming to Earthling Interactive Yvonne decided she wanted to streamline her product delivery so that she could spend more time meeting the specific needs of clients and grow her business. We needed to work together to create a product that would combine the brilliance of her multi-faceted planning tool with the sophistication of a state of the art web based application. Yvonne was looking for an application that could:

  • Manage a succession calendar, archive qualification data and anticipate board requirements.
  • Scale to meet the needs of a range of board types and sizes.
  • Maintain applicability and reliability for the long term.


Subscription based succession planning application that complements a personalized coaching service.

With the development of the SUCCESSION application Yvonne was able to allocate more of her time to one-on-one board development assistance and spend less time organizing charts and building spreadsheets. Clients subscribing to the SUCCESSION application are able to access the tools needed for baseline planning and use their time with Yvonne to get help tackling the more nuanced and individualized challenges of managing board succession.


The SUCCESSION application has become a cornerstone of Yvonne’s highly successful board development consulting business. She is able to take on more clients and grow the company without sacrificing valuable time providing personalized service to her coaching clients.