Case Study: Living Life Solutions

A group of aging-in-place experts approached Earthling Interactive to request our help building Living Life Solutions, an app designed to help more seniors stay safely in their homes by providing a state of the art fall risk assessment and personalized fall prevention recommendations.


Among older adults, falls are a leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Although falls pose a significant risk to seniors who are aging in place as they get older, many falls are preventable. One of the most effective means for preventing falls is to reduce or eliminate factors in the home most commonly associated with falls.

The experts at Living Life Solutions envisioned creating a product that would:

  • Account for the diversity of individuals and homes and avoid the one-size-fits-all recommendations of generic checklists.
  • Ensure assessments and resulting recommendations are comprehensive and replicable.
  • Utilize mobile technology to advance age-in-place services.
  • Increase likelihood that home-assessment based fall prevention recommendations will be adopted and maintained.


Synthesize years of experience and research on home fall risk assessment to create an application that would produce the highest quality and most effective set of personalized recommendations to reduce fall risk in homes.

Working with a team of home health care and age-in-place experts Earthling focused on building a mobile application that would:

  • Combine leading-edge research on environmental design for seniors with intelligent analytics to produce the best assessment tool on the market.
  • Deploy the assessment in a mobile format that is easy-to-use and highly customizable for individuals and individual homes.
  • Produce an actionable report with a prioritized list of recommended behavior changes, home modifications and fall prevention products with pricing options.


The home fall prevention assessment technology is the first of its kind in that it measures client abilities, limitations and environmental barriers all in one. Innovative reports extend the capacity of a therapist or other home health professional to work more efficiently with clients. Reports include specific product recommendations, helping clients and their families easily understand recommended modifications.