Case Study: MyInnerview

We helped MyInnerview design, build and support a user-friendly management dashboard and healthcare analytics platform driven by the largest database of longterm care satisfaction survey data in the nation.


Grow a small yet brilliant healthcare management concept to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding long-term care industry.

MyInnerView was facing one of those “good problems,” the market for their long-term care user survey tool was growing rapidly and they needed to scale both in size and utility. They were looking for a way to…

  • Accelerate the survey-strategy-implementation feedback loop.
  • Enable efficient management across multiple facilities.
  • Track user satisfaction and compare data among peer organizations.
  • Scale up to meet the expanding market for long-term care business management.


An entirely new application platform, based on the evolving needs of the long-term care industry.

When MyInnerView initially approached Earthling Interactive, they needed support and maintenance for an existing application that produced only static reports. During our collaboration it became evident that we could combine their ideas and industry experience with our application development skills to produce a tool that would transform healthcare customer satisfaction data collection and reporting. Together we created an application that provided:

  • Dynamic reporting, management and automated analysis of customer feedback comments,
  • Multi-site organization management for nursing home chains,
  • Powerful user role management for managing access to sensitive data, and;
  • Business intelligence through real-time statistical analysis of customer data.


A successful application becomes a valued enterprise.

MyInnerView successfully introduced a dramatically improved system for tracking, monitoring and responding to customer feedback in a healthcare setting. With the help of MyInnerView long term care facilities can better monitor and improve the quality of their care by…

  • Benchmarking employee, family and resident satisfaction data against peer organizations,
  • Tracking quality metrics against defined goals, and
  • Implementing improvement plans based on statistical analysis of their survey data and quality metrics.

Ultimately, the application was so successful that they were bought out by one of the largest companies in their market.