Case Study: Cesa 7

We help CESA 7 build and maintain two complimentary applications, StandardsInsight and Curriculum Companion, providing schools with a web-based platform to build course curriculum for common core state standards.


Provide educators and administrators effective tools to facilitate comprehension and implementation of common core standards.

Cesa 7 had built an excellent K-12 course curriculum tool but needed development support to bring the product to market. They wanted to create a group of applications that would facilitate the implementation of the common core. Cesa 7 was looking for a development partner that could…

  • Ensure that legacy applications were maintained and up-to-date
  • Allow Cesa 7 to spend more time on big picture strategy and less time on the details of implementation
  • Provide high quality user interface compatible with Android and iOS


Establish an ongoing partnership to build and support web applications that service educators preparing to adopt new education standards.

Earthling Interactive partnered with Cesa 7 to build a long term relationship that resulted in the development and support for two common core web applications…

  • StandardsInsight “unpacks” the Common Core State Standards, allowing districts to quickly and easily align curricula with the standards.
  • Curriculum Companion is the first of its kind application to provide a means of integrating common core state standards with course curriculum.

Both applications continue to grow and receive routine upgrades as the common core standards evolve.


Instructors and school administrators are empowered to effectively deploy common core standards.

“StandardsInsight has saved (our district) many hours and resources in the process of ‘unpacking’ the Common Core State Standards. We’ve been able to get right into discussing the questions that are specific to our district…”
Director of Teaching & Learning-Secondary Education in Green Bay, WI

Cesa 7 can continue to meet the needs of clients without getting bogged down by the details of developing and administering the application. They count on Earthling Interactive to maintain the strength and integrity of their product so that they can focus on providing the best curriculum development tools available.