Custom Org Lookup of Salesforce Data

Project Overview – A client of ours has thousands of organizations as part of their Salesforce dataset, and they wanted us to build a tool so their website users could look up their member Organization and be directed to a specific page depending on the status of the Org in Salesforce. They also wanted to be able to show the user the name of their Org’s representative and a link to schedule a meeting.

Technology and Solution – The website is built on CraftCMS, which is twig-based. We built a Craft plugin which uses the Salesforce API to pull all the Orgs and the related data. Because of the size of the dataset and the need to make the search experience user-friendly, we had to pull all the data into a JSON file. The JSON file is updated nightly on a cron but the data can also be manually synced from the plugin administration screen, if needed.

We used jQuery Typeahead and built an interface to simulate a predictive search experience to match any of the fields associated with the Org. The results were also customized to show the title of the Org with the location and website below to improve the search experience.

Dropdown list of Credit Unions that have matching information to the entered search words

When the Org is selected, the user is redirected to another page based on the Org’s status in Salesforce so the member can contact their unique representative.

The supporting documents for this project included wireframes and user flows.

We were able to turn this project around under budget, within the requested timeline, and it resulted in a happy client and user experience. 🎉

If you have ideas for improving the user experience on your website but aren’t sure how to execute within your site’s technology eco-system, get ahold of us because those are the kinds of projects that energize us!