Dear(est) Albert

Brown and black dog with its mouth open and ears back.With heavy hearts we bid a fond farewell to our dear departed Albert. Earthling’s favorite office companion was universally loved and daily life at 634 W Main Street will not be the same without his warm presence and sage advice.

Albert Chapiewsky was born into the fast lane of greyhound racing, spending his early years chasing a mechanical bunny with the same steadfast persistence that he would bring to lounging in his later years. Once retired, the best part of his life began when his loyal companion Jared adopted him from Greyhound Pets of America.

Together they enjoyed a leisurely bachelor life, taking long walks and snoozing away easy Saturdays. But one day, Albert decided it was time for Jared to meet a nice young woman, inviting the lovely Morgan to join them on a walk. The three of them became a happy family, welcoming a new puppy (well actually, a baby) that Albert loved with all the devotion that only a big-hearted greyhound can.

Albert was a wise and kind soul. We were lucky to spend our days with him and will remember him always.