Risk mitigation and opportunity awareness for businesses that value their web performance.  


At Earthling Interactive, we believe the best web technology is only as good as the maintenance it receives. That is why we encourage our clients to take advantage of our MaintainIT™ consulting and service package, granting customized support for open-source web technologies.   

MaintainIT services are ideal for organizations that use their websites as critical tools for business services. If any of the following statements are true about your website, Earthling’s MaintainIT services may be right for you:  

  • The website performs data collection through forms or other interactive elements   
  • There are integrations in place with third-party platforms such as CRM, marketing automation or other database structures  
  • You have developed custom functionality like event tracking, custom calculators, or scheduling services 
  • The website is used to conduct financial transactions such as e-commerce transactions or quotation requests  

Each MaintainIT plan requires a 12-month commitment to allow Earthling to conduct the resource planning that allows us to provide our clients with the predictable monthly costs that represent the hallmark of the service offering. The services rendered under this 12-month commitment are billed under a fixed monthly recurring flat rate and paid automatically each month via ACH or credit card. 

Value Proposition

MaintainIT provides value in three important ways: 

  • Allows for predictable monthly costs.
  • Provides preventative care for dynamic digital systems. 
  • Informs on opportunities for efficiency and growth. 

Even the most stable website will experience unpredictable events, making it difficult for many teams to manage their sites’ monthly performance budgets. In contrast to a “pay per ticket” service contract where monthly expenditures can vary widely month-to-month, site owners who dedicate a routine budget to MaintainIT for site monitoring and consulting have the advantage of a predictable budget and a more stable website. By implementing MaintainIT, not only are common flare-ups managed before they become expensive headaches, but you will also experience the benefit of improved performance by routinely tapping into available updates and improvements to technology.  

Preventative care is vital for minimizing website costs. Inevitably, we see the greatest expenses incurred when short-term and long-term costs are not effectively balanced. The longer a lingering issue goes unaddressed, the greater the risk for impact to the rest of your system. By committing to routine care now, you have the opportunity to avert painful surprises later.

Routine Technology Consulting

Technology evolves so rapidly that it can be overwhelming to keep pace. But with an expert on your side, watching out for new opportunities is much easier. We have seen companies deploy new features that provide great savings for their tech budgets through automation, as well as clients that have adopted new solutions that drive greater revenue. As your MaintainIT partner, Earthling will be your eyes and ears as technology advances in your favor. 

Challenge Management

We will work collaboratively with your team to ensure current problems are understood, realistic options are identified, and are solved. Consultations follow a regular cadence to ensure that ample time is given to discuss challenges, offer viable development options, and make progress on key development efforts. We also provide guidance to allow client staff to perform implementation tasks as makes sense for each individual organization.
This collaborative approach:

  • Provides a powerful means of identifying the real causes of issues. 
  • Ensures that plans remain relevant, realistic and flexible.
  • Provides the most long-lasting solutions.
  • Offers continuous learning as clients are coached on tools and techniques they can apply internally.

Activity Breakdown

Earthling’s MaintainIT service package is specially designed to keep systems robust, secure, stable, and productive. This is especially critical for business-critical systems, those that contain Personally Identifiable Information, or those that process transactions (e-commerce websites).

Services provided as part of this package include: 

  • Customer activity review: Our team will routinely check for spam users. If present in large quantities, these users can hamper performance and impair administrative activities.
  • Extension management: We will maintain a current inventory of extensions installed on your site, conduct routine security monitoring for all installed extensions, and complete a periodic extension “health” audit.
  • Technical debt management: “Technical debt” is an inevitable aspect of nearly all software projects which results when short-term and long-term software design concerns fall out of synchronization with one another. We will help you navigate the process of managing technical debt through regular reporting on the extent and impact of technical debt such as necessary product or image cleaning, data integrations, system versioning, or functionality synchronization concerns.  
  • Regular system health monitoring: We will regularly evaluate your system for dead links, page speed issues, and other issues that can come up throughout the website maintenance and content creation processes.
  • Confirm success of automated routines: We will monitor web systems for issues related to automated routines, such as abandoned cart reminders, quotation expiration cleanup, or email delivery failures. 
  • Ongoing and scheduled annual product consulting: Through a combination of ongoing awareness and proactive research, we will suggest improvements to your system from the perspectives of both technical system health and customer experience.  
  • Vendor notice monitoring: Vendor communication management is particularly critical for CMS and e-commerce websites, as changes in an extension can produce a domino effect that will impact customer experience and site functionality. Our team will monitor these communications on your behalf.