When it comes to learning new programming languages or solving a coding puzzle at Earthling our best resource is generally other developers. But to keep up with conventions in coding, stay up to date on releases, and discover new applications for old systems, podcasts can be both helpful and entertaining. Here, Josh, Pitt and Bekee share some of their recommendations for useful and/or engaging podcasts for the programmer.

Functional Geekery

A podcast on Functional Programming, covering topics across multiple languages.

Recent Episodes:

  • Andrea Magnorsky on Functional Programming, F#, and her user group Functional Kats.
  • Eric Merritt. We talk about his background in Erlang, static typing and using OCaml, as well as microkernels, and the importance operations plays in the developer role.
  • Julie Moronuki and Chris Allen – talk about learning Haskell as a non-programmer, and some of the lessons we can learn as we try and teach others.

Josh says: “This is a new favorite for me. Excellent intro to functional languages and their features.”

Software Engineering Radio

Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic or an interview with a well-known expert from the software engineering world.

Recent Episodes:

  • Eric Evans on Domain-Driven Design at 10 Years
  • Brendan Gregg on Systems Performance
  • Sven Johann and Eberhard Wolff on Technical Debt

Josh says: “Very deep discussion on computer science topics. The first episode was in 2006 with an interview of the ‘Gang of Four.’ ”


A NodeJS podcast

Recent Episodes:

  • A Packages and Modules Show
  • A Tessel 2 Show
  • io.js update #1

Josh says: “Great resource for learning about the Node Community and keeping up on current events. This is the first technical podcast I started to follow religiously.”

Talking Machines

Conversations with experts in the field of machine learning, discussions of industry news, and answers to listener questions.

Recent Episodes:

  • Interdisciplinary Data and Helping Humans Be Creative
  • Starting Simple and Machine Learning in Meds
  • Spinning Programming Plates and Creative Algorithms

Josh Says: “They take on the difficult topic of Machine learning and discuss its practical applications.”

The Web Platform

From wearables and robotics to user experience and mentoring, covers topics related to building products and services for the web.

Recent Episodes:

  • Organizing & Speaking at Developer Events
  • Modern JavaScript with ES6 & ES7
  • Human Hacking & Social Engineering

Josh says, “Broad coverage of many web-related topics.”

IBM Big Data Hub

Current content and conversation regarding big data and analytics for the enterprise from thought-leaders, subject matter experts and big data practitioners.

Recent Episodes:

  • Get SMART with big data and analytics
  • The currency of relevance
  • Using analytics for self-service business intelligence

Pitt says: “They have very experienced podcasters and do a good job of going outside of the IBM family to have a diverse roster of talks.”


A podcast from WIRED magazine that covers how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.

Recent Episodes:

  • Gadget Lab Podcast: You’re a Great Photographer. Congrats!
  • Gadget Lab Podcast: We’ve Got Some Serious Questions About Google and Yoga
  • Roman Mars: The Man Who’s Building a Podcasting Empire

Pitt says: “Good breadth of topics and usually a light touch.”


Helping people understand JavaScript MVC applications, using SVG, working with Object-Oriented CSS and Sass (especially LibSass).

Recent Episodes:

  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Hiring
  • Web Components

Bekee says: “I’m only 10 minutes into it, and they’re at least funny… apparently there’s a js library drinking game.”