Mirror, Mirror, MarTech – Reflections on MarTech Spring 2021

Image of a heart made out of binary code. The 2021 virtual MarTech conference was held from March 16-18, 2021. MarTech integration and system communication being our specialty, I sought out talks around that topic. While there were many talks on the subject, two really caught my attention. The first presentation that I sat in on was from Andrew LeClair, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Pegasystems, “5 critical components of a real-time CX”. There are thousands of MarTech systems out there. While some may connect to each other, they won’t all talk to each other. In order to really provide a holistic view of your customer and provide their unique CX(customer experience), companies need to start adopting centralized data processing to provide a seamless experience across all of their customer touch points. No matter what your stack is, speed is key, just like your website. The speed with which any piece of your MarTech stack takes in a customer’s data, processes it and then makes the next piece relevant in the customer journey has to be fast. A delay of hundreds of milliseconds can cause their attention to wander. “5 critical components of a real-time CX”. Requires free registration. A second presentation that is so relevant right now is what to do as marketers when the beloved third-party cookie goes away in 2022. A little back history on what that means. This winter Chrome joined Firefox in eliminating third-party cookie tracking. iOS 14 changes also are forcing platforms like Facebook to adjust how they are tracking user behavior. Bridgette Doig, Strategic Data Executive at Tealium, reviews how first-party cookies work with backend systems to track user behavior and then send data using APIs to advertising platforms like Facebook in her presentation “The Internet stole my cookie: What to do before 2022”. She mentions her enterprise system at Tealium, but also talks about “rolling your own” custom first-party cookie tracking. Both have their place in my estimation.  The advantage to large enterprise systems is that their library of connectors is built in making it easy to implement. The downside is of course paying for connectors that you will probably never use. This is where Earthling Interactive is a good alternative. We can build a system that does just what you want it to do. We provide a strategy and evaluation tailored to just those systems that you are using, and rather than an ongoing subscription cost, we build it to your specs as a project to save money in the long run. “The Internet stole my cookie: What to do before 2022” Requires free registration. Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash