Thanks For The Love Bucky!

UW Madison banner shown in the foreground of a park with the WI state capital in the background

“Earthling Interactive of Madison does produce websites, but calling the 16-year-old firm a “website developer” is like comparing a Boeing 777 pilot to a kid who hurls paper airplanes. Sure, they both achieve flight, but that’s the end of the similarities.”

There’s no question that Earthling wouldn’t be Earthling without the incredibly valuable resource known as the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Not only does this leading institution enhance the entire community we live and operate in, but it also provides a huge incentive for smart, talented folks to migrate to Madison.

That is why we were honored to be the featured business in this recent UW News story. From our earliest days as a start-up founded by a UW-Madison remote-sensing Ph.D. to our current status as a leading development shop, our strength as a company is directly influenced by the presence of the University of Wisconsin.

Interactive website developer succeeds by excelling in information architecture.