Echo Mountain

The nearest ski hill to Denver, Echo Mountain had come out of ‘retirement’ to once again serve the local community with affordable and easily accessible skiing and tubing. The new owners needed a new website that would reflect the upgraded location and branding.

An outdated website on a proprietary CMS, a new brand style guide, satellite weather report integration needs and only 4 weeks until opening day.

The new owners of Echo Mountain had worked with Earthling to build sites for some of their other properties and knew that we could turn around a beautiful, reliable new website in time to serve their opening day deadline. The site they inherited from previous owners did not live up to the newly adopted branding that emphasized the welcoming and fun atmosphere of the ski hill.

A fully re-designed site running on Craft CMS that was on-brand, easy to navigate, and mobile-ready and ski-season ready in one month.

Earthling designers and programmers dove right into the project, coming up with a gorgeous design and working in unison via sprints between design and development to make sure that the whole team would meet the extraordinarily tight deadline. Our familiarity with Craft meant that we could easily program in flexible page layouts to give individual pages unique design features, instead of defaulting to the same layout for every page. In addition to the visually pleasing design, we were sensitive to the high proportion of mobile users – making sure the site was visually and technically mobile-ready.

Echo Mountain had their brand new site launched in time to welcome the 2019 ski season.

With Earthling’s modified agile process Echo Mountain staff and the Earthling team worked together to make sure page-by-page design and development implementation hit each benchmark to ensure the site was launched on time and within budget. It’s this kind of partner-based teamwork that keeps clients returning to Earthling project after project. Not only did Echo Mountain confidently enter the new season with updated branding and web presence, they had an awesome design template from which to build other digital and print collateral.

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