Community Shares Workplace Giving

Every spring a set of thank you notes from local nonprofits working for causes I care about arrives in my mailbox, I’m briefly confused but then I get a warm feeling when I remember “Oh yeah! I selected them through my workplace giving deduction with Community Shares.” Community Shares of Wisconsin helps raise funds for more than 60 environmental and social change organizations in the Madison area. Much like United Way, they utilize a workplace giving or payroll deduction campaign to raise funds for member groups, but unlike United Way, 100% of the money deducted from a donor’s paycheck goes to the groups selected. As an employee and a supporter of the causes represented at Community Shares I enjoy the opportunity to donate to selected organizations in a way that is super easy. Member groups love the program because they can more confidently allocate resources to providing services and advocating for causes. And, in a win-win for both of us, I don’t receive gobs of solicitations (member groups aren’t allowed to solicit funds from Community Shares donors without permission), and they don’t have to pester me to keep up my donations. Earthling Interactive is proud to offer Community Shares to our employees. Our participation reflects a core company value, commitment to our community. We also like the fact that one of our clients, River Alliance of Wisconsin, is a member organization.