Great Big Pictures

Earthling Interactive developed a custom built order processing module to give Great Big Pictures increased capacity for executing their large format picture printing system.

Convert a slow, manual process of tracking and approving orders to an efficient, intuitive tool.

Great Big Pictures, a large-format graphics production lab, depends on an accurate and nimble order processing system to create and deliver their photographic-quality fixturing to retail partners nationwide. Their old manual process was taking too much time and introduced an unacceptable margin of error, they needed to replace it with an application that would meet the demands of their high-profile client base.

Create an online application that supports client collaboration and makes sharing installation and production instructions, and packing lists a snap.

Their great customer service and quality production made Great Big Pictures an industry favorite among fashion and other retailers. But they needed to update their processing service to keep up with demand. They asked Earthling Interactive to build an application that would make it easy for clients to log on and stay in touch with Great Big Pictures every step along the way from design, to printing, to delivery and finally installation. Together we created a custom system that reinforced Great Big Pictures solid customer relations and helped automate many of the tasks associated with order fulfillment.


With their new custom built order processing module Great Big Pictures had increased capacity for printing large format pictures and getting them to client stores on time, in good condition and with easy-to-understand installation instructions.

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