Fischer Paper Products

With a huge catalog of specialized products, family-owned Fischer Paper needed to accelerate the product selection process and give representatives a powerful tool to support customized sales calls.

A cumbersome product list with limited search and filter capacity.

Fischer manufactures and supplies paper products for convenience stores, limited service restaurants, and other foodservice distributors. The specialized nature of each product stream means that there are thousands of options within their catalog. Company leaders wanted to find a way to help customers quickly locate the product type they needed and have immediate access to sales assistance and sample ordering.

When Fischer came to Earthling and design partner KW2 they were looking for a digital solution that would:

  • Organize a huge range of product classifications.
  • Accelerate search-to-sample ordering process.
  • Avoid overwhelming visitors with complete product catalog and simplify product selection process.
  • Support Fisher representatives with a customized product search experience.

Beautifully designed site with an intelligent search and sorting solution.

Working with a leading design firm to execute an attractive and responsive interface, Earthling developers built a product-based website with features that supported Fischer representative’s needs to quickly customize product selections. The new digital solution included features such as:

  • An ajax-based filtering system that filters results quickly and without page refreshes.
  • Search function that displays only the relevant filtering choices so results display much faster.
  • A responsive interface built to support on-site sales – no display value is lost when accommodating mobile devices.
  • Placement of a call to action on every product page.
  • Google Tag Manager Set up to customize event tracking to measure and learn how to improve the site over time.
  • Attractive design that emphasizes quality of selected products


Sales staff have a powerful new tool to take out in the field when meeting with potential customers. The sleek responsive design and highly effective search function make it possible for representatives to quickly and effectively identify the best product for their client. In an industry where customers are particularly sensitive to product aesthetics this site does an excellent job of showcasing attractive customized product lists.

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