University of Wisconsin-Superior

The new website serves as a powerful communication and engagement tool, supporting the university’s goals of attracting prospective students, engaging with the campus community, and showcasing its offerings effectively.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior was faced with over a decade-old website using technology that still worked but was no longer the correct hammer.

Over time, as technology advances and new best practices emerge, the website and underlying technology may become outdated, unsupported, and difficult to maintain or enhance. External integrations were shoehorned into the ColdFusion ecosystem and content updates required a ticket to the IT department, which resulted in lost efficiency and created much overhead..

Streamlined Content Management: The WordPress CMS empowers authorized administrators to easily update and manage content across the website, ensuring that all information is always up to date. This streamlines content management processes and reduces dependence on technical staff for routine updates.

To streamline the process of class schedule updates on the website, an automated sync system was implemented. This solution integrated with the university’s existing class management system, allowing real-time synchronization of class schedules. The website automatically pulls class data, including course details, instructors, times, locations, seats available and any changes made to the class schedule. This ensures that the website always displays the most up-to-date and accurate class information for students and faculty.

The solution also involved integrating the existing event management system used by UW Superior with the WordPress website. Through the development of custom data synchronization processes, event data such as titles, descriptions, dates, times, locations, and attachments are automatically pulled from the event management system and synced with the WordPress website. This integration ensures that event information is consistently and accurately updated on the website. This includes a custom events display feature that presents event information in a visually appealing and user-friendly format on the WordPress website. A custom-designed events listing page showcases upcoming events, providing key details and allowing visitors to browse events based on their interests or preferences. Event filters, search functionality, and sorting options make it easy for users to find specific events they are interested in attending.

To ensure a smooth transition and empower staff members to effectively use the new solution, a comprehensive training and support documentation was provided. Training sessions were also conducted to familiarize administrators with the WordPress CMS, custom plugins, and automated sync systems. Additionally, ongoing support was offered to address any technical issues, provide guidance, and answer questions related to the solution’s functionality.

This comprehensive solution has brought numerous benefits, improving efficiency, user experience, and engagement for the university.

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