Case Study: Liquid Freight

A long-term relationship that started with some basic PHP assistance evolved into a partnership that oversaw a major rebranding, web application upgrade, and cutting-edge cloud hosting implementation.


First, stabilize the current PHP web app; second, maintain competitive edge with innovative solutions and image re-branding.

Liquid Freight, a food grade logistics company, had a PHP web application that the original developer was no longer able to support. Liquid Freight brought in Earthling Interactive to fix and maintain the existing PHP application and help the company expand digital maturity in an industry primed for disruptive technology. Increased adoption of mobile technology meant that Liquid Freight needed to do more than just prop up a legacy application. With a diversity of regional geographies that included rural and urban areas; drivers, carriers and shippers needed the appropriate tech to respond to diverse partner demands.


Coordinate rebranding effort, craft custom CMS modules, and drastically extend hosting capacity with state-of-the-art dev ops support.

After fixing some short-term maintenance issues, we went on to redesign the CMS template, upgrade and transition the CMS through a major version change, and redesign the application. We followed up the CMS upgrade with updated brand visuals in collaboration with local design agency, Swink Inc.

The resulting application offered dramatic improvements to user experience and app functionality including:

  • improved email deliverability with SendGrid integration
  • included text notifications via Twilio integration so drivers could update bill of lading on premises from their phone
  • integrated and simplified invoice processing so carriers could speed through invoice creation to guarantee payment to drivers more quickly
  • upgraded app to PHP 7.2 to increase speed and performance
  • cloud hosting support to get client in modern hosting infrastructure for continued growth and traffic on application


“You’ve always understood us, you’re great listeners, and have always come up with cost effective solutions… Never once have you given us a reason not to trust you. On top of all of that, you are nice people.” – Brandon Johnson, Liquid Freight CEO

Since Earthling started working with Liquid Freight in 2012 we’ve seen how offering a full array of consulting and technical services can elevate a solid company to a highly competitive digital enterprise. Clients and customers take notice of Liquid Freight’s commitment to staying on the leading edge in technology and 2016, Liquid Freight was granted an Innovator of the Year award by the largest software logistics company in their industry.