Veridian Homes

This project included process discovery, followed by implementing and customizing HubSpot, along with training. Veridian Homes is in a multi-year initiative to replace their outdated custom web application for sales CRM and home construction management. Understanding their current processes and adapting them to fit HubSpot was crucial. Customized, in-person training was provided to accommodate varying levels of web proficiency among their users.


Veridian Homes is a is a custom-build and showcase home builder in Wisconsin. They had been using an internally developed web application to handle their sales, design, and build logistics and custom design for years. This software served them well, but they needed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with industry-standard features that could better scale to their needs. They attempted to replace their internally built application with another reputable, well-known SaaS solution a few years ago, but that wasn’t successful for various reasons. They pivoted on their decision to replace their internally built software fully and instead focused on replacing only the lead generation and sales components. Enter HubSpot. The sales team comprises individuals with a broad range of expertise in navigating web applications. So Veridian’s VP of Sales & Marketing realized he needed a local company to provide custom implementation to match existing processes and provide hands-on, in-person user training. 


Earthling Interactive has extensive experience with web systems, user training, CRM integration, and CRM custom development to accomplish unique business processes. Through an existing partnership with a Wisconsin based business, who brings extensive HubSpot experience, we were able to leverage each of our unique skills and knowledge to launch HubSpot into Veridian’s operational processes. Our focus on these projects is balancing the desire and need to launch the software for use by employees with the time it can take for full adoption across the user base. 

The following components were part of our solution to begin a successful rollout of HubSpot over the initial five months: 

  • Discovery sessions to deeply understand existing processes.
  • Implementation and build-out of custom workflows and attributes to align with established processes. 
  • Development of an implementation and training roadmap. 
  • Establish custom reporting dashboards for tracking and understanding key performance indicators. 
  • In-person training and sales enablement for sales staff, including support via phone, email, and virtual conferencing. 
  • Consult with sales support and management staff to understand and execute HubSpot administration and system health.

With a successful adoption of HubSpot, they expect to see a return on their investment by realizing more sales revenue per sales staff through process efficiency.

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